The Grimaldi Service

Joseph Grimaldi (1778-1837) was a legendary performer who went on to define the appearance and persona of what we know as the clown. On the first Sunday in February there is a ceremony for clowns held at Holy Trinity Church in Dalston (as the church where Grimadli is buried on Pentonville Rd is now office blocks) and I persuaded OH to come with me to check it out. And boy did it put a smile on my face!
There was a bit of a rugby scrum of photographers
With everyone wanting a piece of the action  (Salvo in the centre)
And although not everyone seemed to happy
Some even wanted to cry (Chuckles)
Most were happy to pose (Chuckles)
Even if they needed their friends for support as they were a little shy
Pose they did
But it was a serious affair with two Revs, Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin and the Revd. Roly Bain
Roly who is the honary curate and Clowns Chaplain
With their own security
Red noses a glowing (Mattie)
And make up made it one of the best things I've experienced in ages. Annoyingly OH didn't want to sit through the service so we popped to the pub but we did come back and watch everyone leaving. I am determined to go again next year and sit through the sevrice - an amazing experience and certainly put a smile on my face - but who wouldn't smile at it!

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