A duck fest

This weekend I went out for a photo day with my photo buddy to the Wetland Centre. I haven't been for such a long time but was in seventh heaven despite it being absolutely freezing..... Anyway here are a few shots I took (if you don't like ducks walk away now...)
The eider ducks were getting a little frisky with this female showing a lot of interest though the male looks so not bothered....
But the noise they make when they hold their head back like this always brings a smile to my face.
This swan was having a bit of a hissy fit. I was convinced that I hadn't managed to get a decent shot but this was passable...
He soon calmed down though
Geese feet just make me giggle
I love love love Mandarin ducks and there wasn't just one to photograph but at least six males.
Though having so males there was a lot of chasing of others
These two just look like they've got so much attitude
And this goose (?) or is it a duck (not sure) was having a hissy fit too and looks as it's just stomping off in a big strop
My other favourite bird is an American Woodcock. When I first saw him he was trying to have a nap
But later saw him in all his glory. Look at how fantastic that head is - pure theatre
Finally it wasn't all ducks. Just to show that spring is in the air despite the freezing conditions.
So there we have it. A duck fest and hopefully I won't leave it as long to go to the WWT next time. Still one of my most favourite places in the world though I am, if you haven't noticed, a little obsessed with ducks. And thanks to my photography buddy for agreeing to see yet more ducks with me...

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