A Wet Weekend

Disaster has struck this week in that I have managed to let the muscles in my left arm get so tight that they are rubbing on my nerve. Yes ouch! So off I went to my beloved Dahnen who along with the Deep Muscle Massage which he normally gives me does sports massage. And the prognosis is that I can't crochet for 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS! I was distraught... Anyway onwards and upwards! Here is what I finished just before I had to take things easy for my brother in law's birthday:
Taken from Emily Hogarth's 'The Crafter's Guide to Papercutting'. Took much longer than I thought but I enjoyed it and was happy with the outcome.

I did this for my friend who is 60 next week. I started after  my arm started to play up so wasn't as detailed as I'd like but here me go!

But today was a wet rainy Sunday so OH and I popped to the British Museum. Seems that every man and his dog had the idea but I took a few snaps:
Loved this little fella made out of gold - I think he was Roman. The detail was amazing!
Again I think this is Roman but really reminded me of a similar figurine in the V&A by Picasso
Now how is this for a bit of bling! A piece from the Snettisham Hoard which I think is Anglo Saxon
This is also from the Hoard - the detail again is incredible!
We also had a look in the South American galleries which was inspired by watching  Jago Cooper's fab series on the History of South America. Really liked both above and below in B&W
Finally one of my favourite pieces at the BM is a figure from Easter Island. Love it!
Hoping though that next week is a little drier as it was so wet, cold and miserable....

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