Hello Sunshine!

Spring has finally arrived in full force this weekend. What a marvellous day! OH and I headed, with most of London, to central London parks starting in St James' through to Green then Hyde park. Still at least it meant I could get my flower and duck fix.

Mandarin duck in St James' - one of my favourite ducks in the world...
Blossom in St James', makes you feel alive! 
A posing swan again in St James'
The daffodils in all the parks were amazing..
There are lots of Easter eggs around London, part of a competition to win a Faberge egg I think.... Anyway Humpty Dumpty on the wall of Clarence House made me smile. 
I love this avenue of trees in Green Park 
Skaters were out in full force in Hyde Park enjoying boom boxes and sunshine
The smell of this blossom was magical though I think OH got a little bored as I took so long taking photos of this
OK we get it, spring = blossom but don't you just love it! 
Finally there is something magical about horse chestnut leaves unfurling after a long winter...

So hello sunshine - may you stay for a little longer though you may soon have to make way for the rain... 

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