Crafty week eleven

Disaster has struck! I had such plans for week eleven. Finish the jewellery I started, make a mother's day card, start another felt project.... But I've started none of these as I was taken into hospital last Tuesday rather dramatically by ambulance and had to have emergency surgery to remove a cyst from my ovary. Am happy to report I'm back home but so knackered and groggy on pain killers I haven't done anything for a week now! However I'm hoping soon to be able to focus on something so that week twelve with be a bumper week!

In the meantime the wonderful Laura Howard, aka Lupin has mentioned me in her blog. I've never seen so much traffic to my blog! Laura is the author of 'Super-cute felt' which I mentioned in Crafty Week Two so I was especially chuffed  that the author of the book found me.  And helped me realise that I'm not necessarily talking to myself!

Hopefully week twelve will be much more productive! Fingers crossed!

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