Crafty week nine and ten

I think you can see a theme starting can't you.... I've been plagued with ill health again (doing battle with a cold for over a week) and had OH come and stay for a week as his boiler broke down which I must admit threw me a little. However I must say that I'm quite tempted to rename him HH as he was the perfect house husband!

Anyway I digress. With all of the above going on week nine was a little slack compared to my previous weeks. However I started to stitch together the squares I have for the blanket while feeling sorry for myself during week nine

Now I must admit that during week nine I was loosing a little faith my concept of being crafty every week as I didn't feel I was achieving much but everything is relative. I also discovered that crafty week two has been tweeted about by Laura Howard, the author of the book where I found the project who also has a fabulous blog as well which is worth a read and very inspiring!  And once I had won the war with the cold felt reinvigorated again. As ever time is against me but week ten is: 

I've been naughty this week and buying lots and lots of lovely new stamps on Ebay and above are some upcycled to become cufflinks. 

I loved making these cards which used not only stamps but wall paper I had. 

And these were inspired by the House of Silk which is the new Sherlock Holmes book written by the fabulous Antony Horowitz who I started reading when I was about 11 and he also went onto to create Foyles War and Midsommer Murders. Anyway the book is written in the style of Arthur Conan Doyle and is a great read. I can highly recommend it! 
Finally here are works in progress which will be made into earrlings, cufflinks and pendants. Am very excited and hope to have them finished for next week along with my mother's day card. Happy crafting!


  1. so beautiful! you are a very clever lady! I love the cards especially.

  2. Thanks Rebekah! And thanks for keeping me going!