Kew again

I went back to Kew today with my friend for a day of taking photos despite having just been for O.H's birthday. I know back in a week, bit mad but was really looking forward to being able to take photos without the pressure of non photographers waiting for me (it can be really dull if you're waiting for someone to finish being 'creative' when you've nothing to do). Anyway I was really chuffed with the results:

Discovered a new macro setting on one of my lenses which gave some really good results, thanks Soph!
This should go under 'animals do the funniest things', this Canadian goose went a little bonkers sticking their tongue out for a good five minutes.

I was really pleased with these flower photographs. I might experiment and use them in my new ideas for jewellery - will wait and see if it works though...
The good thing about Kew is that there are always some birds as well as plants. This seagull was hanging out with geese, ducks and coots who were all having a preen fest.
I love the way the light comes through this leaf in the Rainforest exhibition.

I missed this last time I came, was part of the Mexican Day of the Dead exhibit. It was only when I got the picture home did I realise how scary she was!!!

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