Time Flutters By

Well how time flies. Apologies for the lengthy delay in the out put. So much has happened both at the home of Martha Love and the outside world. The first reason for radio silence was building work in my bedroom (dry lining the outside wall so hopefully I'll be nice and cosy during the winter months....). The work meant I was camping out in the craft room which stifled creativity some what! Anyway here is during:

And after:

As you can see Bert has already made himself at  home!

And it has been a month of butterflies and months. Here is an amazing moth that found itself on my bathroom window

I think it's a tiger moth but do correct me if I'm wrong. I did have a look at the trusty insect and butterfly book but it wasn't 100% clear!  The picture is a little surreal as you can see the reflection of my block in the glass but still, moth in urban environment! 

And then last weekend O.H. and I went to Golders Hill Park in North London near Hampstead Heath to meet up with a group of friends and there was a small but amazing butterfly house:

And this would you believe is a butterfly. Honest, a butterfly not a leaf:
No I wouldn't have believed it either if I hadn't seen it do this:
Nature at it's camouflage best!

Anyway now that the building work has finished and I've had sometime off I've had a chance to do a bit of experimenting with some new ideas for stamps which I will try and photograph soon. And being the Brixtonian that I am there will be some depressing pictures to follow soon (I promise) of what my high street now looks like following the riot spree of last week. Will London ever be the same....

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