Green green green

It was O.H.s birthday last weekend and we went to Kew for the day. I've got into the habit now of taking pictures during the journey, this time on the train:

Tracks, train and graffiti
Waiting for a train at Clapham
Reflection of a lady sat opposite during the journey

 Kew amazes me as every time I visit there is always something new or something you haven't noticed before. We went with his sister and brother in law who is also a photographer. It was good to have someone  to bounce ideas off. Last year there were some amazing butterflies in the Princess of Wales conservatory, this year it was transformed into the rain forest. This inspired green, green, green:

The green has inspired some experiments with shrink plastic which I will be posted about once I photograph the finished product. It's great to get inspiration whilst out and about.

Last year it was butterflies - this year lizards. Apparently there were about 10 in the building, we only spotted two.

And finally there was the celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead. Not quite green but I loved the macabre celebration of death along with life.

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