Lambeth Country Fair

Yes it's that time of year again when the glorious Lambeth Country Fair has arrived. Imagine your typical rural agricultural show but with a reggae stage! I know! Anyway unfortunately the weather on late Saturday morning, early afternoon was appalling. Really heavy rainfall so the group of people I was due to meet all agreed to cancel. However a small miracle occurred mid afternoon and the sun came out with even a little blue sky so I grabbed my camera and ambled up the road to the fair. Here is what I saw:

These are the fabulous alpacas from Vauxhall City Farm. Comedy in the making!! O.H. has called them the Fab Three.  But for me it was Guinness the chicken that stole my heart....

How could you not love that face!!!

And a Soay sheep which is normally found in the Outer Hebrides as they are so hardy but I think this one liked to show off!
And with handling sessions with the very cute ducklings.
But away from the animals doing the funniest things there were Morris Dancers. And just to prove I really was in central London:
If you look very closely you can see the London Eye in the background.
And an array of balloons of all shapes and sizes.
Even Buzz was trying his luck!
It was a great few hours at the fair though unfortunately the weather I fear may have put a dampener on things. Hopefully next year there will be sunshine and heat waves....

Back at home creativity has been put on hold as I'm having some walls dry lined but I hope that once the walls have been attended to, and once I've decorated and had a bit of a de-clutter I'll be back and making even more than ever!

Until next time.....

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