Bert in Cardiff

O.H. , Bert and I have just come back from a fab holiday hence the lack of postings.... apologies! We started the week in Cardiff staying with O.H's friends Geoff and Kay. We went to Barry Island on a very sunny day (home of Gavin and Stacy for those of you watch it!) to enjoy a day on the beach
It was a gloriously sunny day and after a well deserved portion of sausage and chips (I was on holiday by the seaside, it had to be done!) we went to play cricket on the beach
Now cricket was a first for me! I know, nearly 40 and I don't recall I have ever played it before - who'd have thought! I don't think I did too badly, well at least I managed to hit it.... Anyway we then went to play crazy golf which I can safely say I have played before and I'm still not very good but Bert enjoyed himself....
We also did a little pilgrimage to Millennium Square hoping to get a picture of Bert by the entrance to Torchwood. I was all for getting Bert a hat in the style of Captain Jack but luckily I didn't because DISASTER!! Millenium Square was closed while they built the tents for a food fair so we had to make do with St David's Hall

But we also found a MerryGoRound to make up for the disappointment
All in all a good weekend and we go to see the sun!

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