New York New York Part Three: Times Square, Central Park and the Rock

So Day two in the Big Apple. I had mastered the subway by this point and started the day popping to Times Square. I'm not sure if one is supposed to 'pop' to Times Square but I'd arranged to meet a former student from where I work who now works at the Met and only had 20 minutes to spare.
 Times Square is what I imagined and more. Definitely overwhelming on the sense and the New York I had imagined. 

 Apologies for the switch to profile but somehow landscape shots just doesn't feel right. 
 There was a hand raised platform in the middle which you could go up and snap away. 

So after the sensory overload of Times Square I headed off to the Met. Now I stupidly left my camera in my friend's office while we went for a wander round the museum. It is an incredible place, literally with buildings within buildings but sadly no pictures. 
So once I'd finished at the Met I decided to walk through Central Park for a bit of peace and quiet. Above is a terrible picture of the American Robin. I spotted a few native birds during my trip but sadly didn't have the right lens to photograph them. 
I didn't realise that Central Park had a massive reservoir in it which I had to walk alongside to get to the next subway. It did make it a slightly dull walk if I'm honest though I did see a smew (kind of water bird) diving. 
But I did find some rather nice blossom!

Next on the list was a trip up the Rock (Rockefeller Building) which was an early birthday present from my folks. People had advised I went up the Rock rather than the Empire State Building so you actually see the Empire State Building. 

In the distance here you can see Central Park which is huge. 
And here is looking out over to the Hudson River. 
At one point I had one of the view balconies all to myself which was very surreal. It didn't last long mind.... 

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