Walk in the Valley

After an amazing day of sunshine and blue skies the following day was much more overcast. Having said that the light during the morning was warm and hazy so I grabbed a camera and went for a wander across the fields while mum spent sometime in the garden.
Here is one of the locals 
I was a little slow getting out of the house so I missed the best of the light but it was still ethereal 
This is the view back to the house with the hills included in my previous post in the background  
I loved the hazy colours of the hills which was a stark contrast to the vibrant colours the day before
Following recent storms most of the autumn colour had disappeared but there were a few patches with an autumnal glow. 
I'm always fascinated by lichen, perhaps because we get very little in London as it thrives in clear air. 
I love these hawthorn trees which a gnarly with age. 

I was delighted to first hear, then see geese flying over head. It's such a wonderful sight and I saw not one but two sets fly over during my walk. 
I wanted to share with you this gate post which is typically Lakeland made from a slab of slate. I have no idea how old it is but several hundred years at least. 
And  this is a sheep hole built into the dry stone wall, again another typical Lakeland feature. 
On the way home I spotted an old tree which was covered in ferns growing from it's branches through a coat of moss. 
So I started with a herdwick, and I'll finish with one. I love these sheep and this year's flock seem to be ok with me taking photos of them which always helps! And there we have it - a short walk through the valley where I grew up. 

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