Climb Every Mountain

The sun shone yet again while I was in the Lakes, it was cold mind! Just look at that frost first thing

 But it was a beautiful day so Mum and I grabbed our boots to go out on the Fells again. Now I know what your thinking they're doing the same walk again. And yes to a certain extent you'd be right but this time we carried on walking up the next hill called Raven's Crag. 
And look at that view! I think its Dow Crag looking towards the Old Man of Coniston. In fact you can walk over the tops from Coniston back to ours, mum did it once back in the day but I haven't. 
And here she is again striding up the hill. Not bad as she's in her 70s. And I had a stick as well which I'm very glad I took, especially coming back down! 
It's that view again. I know but I kept being drawn to it. This time Cawe is included which I have walked up when I was much younger! 
And peaking over to the next valley again. The farmhouse you can just make out is called Hoses. 
Now I haven't been up Raven Crag for probably about 30 years if I'm honest but I'd completely forgotten that there was a very small tarn half way up. 
Or perhaps I only walked up in the summer when it probably had dried out. But it was as still as a mill pond when we walked past. 

Yes it's the view again but you can tell we're at the top as we're next to the cairn stones. Walkers place rocks on top when they reach the top of any mountain / fell. 
Above and below are longer views over into the next valley 

And I'm going to end on the top of Raven's Crag looking over to Cawe. Mum and I were really pleased with ourselves walking so far. I had a chest infection so I was wheezing all the way up but the fresh air did me lots of good and we both felt so alive. We headed back down completely loosing the path so stumbling undignified back down to where we started. People often ask if I would ever move back to the Lakes and honestly I don't think I would be I know I'm incredibly lucky to be able to escape here whenever I want to. And to have grown up in such an incredible landscape. 

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