Walala x Play

Plastered all over Instagram have been images from Walala x Play, an installation at the Now Gallery over in Greenwich. Demand was high and so OH and I booked a slot early one Saturday a few weeks ago. The installation wasn't as big as I thought it would be (pictures can be deceptive) but it was a fun 15 minutes exploring the crazy world of Camille Walala 

I wish I'd known I was going to have take my shoes off - I wouldn't have worn my ridiculous out of season socks (they've got reindeer on and are normally hidden under my DM Chelsea Boots) complete with a hole! Ah well.... 

Mirrors, mirrors everywhere - and everyone was taking photos, it was hard not to gate crash other people's pictures. 

Once we had our mad dash around the installation we put our shoes back on and headed up to the mezzanine where you could view the installation from a different angle. 

If you feel inspired the installation is on until 24th September but make sure you book a place before you turn up! 

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