Great Dixter in August

If you're a regular reader you will know how much I LOVE Great Dixter. It is an incredible garden which is mind blowing at anytime of the year. I often go with my friend for my birthday in May, however this year I suggested we went in August to see a different set of flowers. I'd gone last year with OH when we were on holiday in the area and the dahlias were amazing but gardens aren't really OH's thing so rushed round the garden. This time the weather was incredible and we had time to soak in the beauty.

It is at this point I show you the photos but disaster dear reader. My original images have been wiped from my pc and have left me with JPegs which aren't the best quality so I can only publish these in a slightly smaller format than usual. Meanwhile I'm trying to restore the images .... if I succeed I'll obviously repost with better quality pictures!

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