Who said Romance was Dead - Nunhead Cemetry

February. Such a difficult month as it's often grey and cold. This weekend was no different except it was also the weekend of OH and I's anniversary. The weather wasn't great, there were no exhibitions we were itching to see, I didn't want to go to the cinema (OH's suggestion was Taxi Driver which really isn't my cup of tea) and the weather was rubbish for a long walk. Then I remembered OH had said a couple of months ago that he wanted to see Nunhead Cemetery. Perfect for a grey Sunday and only a bus ride away.
Now I've never been to Nunhead before. Must admit I wasn't really sure where in South London it was but turns out its about a 10 minute walk from Peckham Rye. 
It's one of the Magnificent Seven Cemeteries  which includes Highgate and Abney Wood amoungst others, huge cemeteries created in the 1850s but now distinctly overgrown.

I was drawn to this statue above before looking at the surname on the grave. 
If you don't know me Love isn't my surname (actually my first name isn't Martha either come to think about it) it's Daniel. That's Daniel, NOT Daniels..... 
In fact I've only ever met 2 people called Daniel who I'm not related to in the past couple of years (I recant meeting one here). And we all say we haven't met anyone else who we're not related to as most people are Daniels. 

We came across a very fancy red brick affair which was terribly posh. But there was no name. Nor any bodies as far as we could tell. Perhaps it also stood out as so many of the headstones had a green tinge to them. 
But this structure reminded me of a smaller version of the Natural History Museum
Sorry for the shifting of the images - it was quite difficult to get everything in landscape. 
This avenue seemed to be where all the posh people hung out. The one on the right is described as the most expensive in the cemetery but I must say it was also the ugliest. Money clearly can't buy taste! 
This angel was perfect though it did remind me a little of the Doctor Who episode 'Blink' 

A lot of the plot you couldn't walk on as it was deemed unsafe but we enjoyed walking through the areas that were in slightly better condition. And there were so many varied styles and odd things on the gravestones. 

And the names. So many wild and crazy names 
 I will leave you with our favourite. A Family of chickens. May they be resting in peace. 

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