Launch of Railton Road Icons at the Brixton Advice Centre

On Saturday I was privileged to be invited to the launch of  the Brixton Advice Centre's new visual arts installation by my wonderfully talented friend Jon Daniel. Jon's work was part of the centre's recent building refurbishment and visual re branding. As you can see the vinyl window display spans the full length of the building and pays tribute to the building's cultural heritage depicting a special selection of local heroes who have had historical links with the building as well as Railton Road and the surrounding community.

Amoungst the icons depicted are C.L.R.James (who also lived and died in the building) and Winifred Atwell 
 I loved the use of the door to create the I in BrIxton
Also depicted are Darcus Howe, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Farrukh Dhondy
 and  Olive Morris
Here you can see the montage of the windows spelling out Brixton

 Here is Jon (right) with another familar face around Brixton Rashid Nix

 And here is Jon with photographer Adrian Boot who took the original photo of Linton Kwesi Johnson - no pressure then taking a photo of a professional photographer then.... Still seems to have come out ok! 

 Here you can see the magic from the inside - this is behind the window depicting Winifred Atwell and as you can see the window is transparent from the inside! Using a special printing technique you could see out if you were in the centre. Amazing! 
 On display were copies of covers of Race Today which was produced in the Centre By Linton Kwesi Johnson. Darcus Howe was also the editor. 

 Of course there were speeches and what inspirational speeches! Above is Patrick Torsney, the Centre's Director (and catalyst behind the dramatic transformation). 
and Councillor Michelle Agdoma
BUT the high lights were moving speeches by  Darcus Howe 
 and his wife Leila Hassan Howe, both key British Civil Rights campaigners and I must admit both speeches were incredibly emotional
The day of the launch was Halloween so it was only appropriate to have one of Jon's Black Panthers newspaper on display 
 While below local youngsters went past the building trick or treating. 

It was amazing to be invited to this launch where I met a wide range of interesting people. And the  building looks stunning. I hope it's able to continue it's inspirational work for many, many years to come. 

For more on how I know Jon and his work click here


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