Who are you? Grayson Perry at the National Portrait Gallery

Now the fine art of blogging is not to start a post 'sorry it's been a long time blah blah blah' but I've realized its been nearly two months. Not sure where those months have gone and you may find me trying to play catch up so apologies in advance!

So to start with OH and I went to see the incredible Grayson Perry at the National Portrait Gallery. If you haven't been and live in London I can't urge you strongly enough to go and see this exhibition.

The pieces, placed throughout the galleries, were also featured in a brilliant Channel 4 series 'Who Are You?' exploring identity within our modern British Society. They are both witty and insightful using a wide range of media from Perry's famous pots to tapestry to silk screen printing to sculpture to name a few. The pieces are placed throughout the NPG so you find yourself wandering through galleries (guided by a map) you wouldn't normally find your self such as  (what I find) the dreary portraits of Victorian politicians.

One of the first pieces you see is this enormous tapestry exploring what it is to be British

A smaller taper
This pot drew inspiration from a same sex couple who had adopted a mixed race child
This screen printed 'Ashford Hijab' drew inspiration from a British woman who converted to Islam. 

This pot was probably the most moving and covers a couple affected by Alzheimers. 

A statue in the Benin style exploring transgender. 
A minature of Rylan Clark made famous through (I think) Big Brother but inspired by Elizabethan Miniatures 
The Jesus Saves money box

I had been to see Grayson Perry's wondrous exhibition the Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman at the British Museum which brought me so much joy. The added bonus of this exhibition (apart from being free) is that you could take photos. Always a plus in my view!

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