A Walk in the Park

One of my favourite things in life is going for a walk in my local park, Brockwell Park, especially in the midst of winter on a bright, crisp day. There is something magical about the light that is all so precious during the short days just after Christmas. So in late December OH and I went to stretch our legs during the Festive period.
 It was a bright, cold afternoon and I knew one of my favourites sights would be available, ducks on ice - what's not to love! 

 The sky line whilst we went round the park had an purple glow at some points

 followed by patches of blue sky
 It's been a topsy turvy winter as it's been relatively mild which is confusing the flowers. Here are a few shots from the walled garden. I know - blossom in December - it's bonkers!

 And finally a few more shots of the ice just as the light started to fade. 

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