Stockwell Square Launch

This weekend I was asked to photograph the launch of a new public space in Stockwell which was great fun. Here are a few my favourite pics from the day.

 Before the event kicked off I spotted this couple who had come from the Save Cressingham Gardens march which took place earlier in Brixton - if you can sign their petition

  I'd photographed Samba Bom at the Stockwell Festival but was good to see them again 
 This little fella was very cute and even started to bust some moves 
 They even had a flying bus decorated by local school kids 
The bus delivered a poem to Francesca Beard who performed it (as well as writing it). I'm not normally into poetry but her performance was brilliant !
  Next up a flash mob
 Planting of a tree - what every opening should have! 

 In photographic terms these angels on stilts were my favourite, they were called Heavens Above and they blessed everyone there. 

 As it was a community space everyone got to cut the ribbon which I thought was a great idea - get the community involved from the beginning

 Last up are pictures from Kinetika Bloco who were great and a joy to photograph 

I love photographing local events like these. Such a great vibe and celebration.

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