Crafty Fox October Markets

The Crafty Fox rolled back into town this weekend and as always I was on hand to take photos. I over heard a visitor tell her daughter that there were 'three floors of awesomeness' and how true this was!

Here are my favourite snaps from the weekend. Above Lucy Loves This' iconic B is for Brixton. 

The wonderful Alice Tams of Birds in Hats and Cecily Vessey enjoy a brew
Woven Oak with the streets of Brixton in the background 
As well as browsing the stores there were plenty of workshops to try out new things. Here is Mr Wingate helping another happy customer create a screen print tote bag 
I loved these two macks I spotted - the upside to a rainy day!
Thankfully the weather on Sunday was  much better 
Close up detail of the fabulous boxes by Kate Iles 
Loved the detail on these

And possibly my favorite from the weekend (though there was so much to choose from!) Shirlee Designs

Finally every fair there seems to be a popular theme and this time it seemed to be Bill Murray! First off Birds in Hats 
What's not to love about Bill Murray in a hat! Anyway with the C word on the horizon (yes that's Christmas everyone!) there are more fairs starting at the end of November including not only Brixton but Peckham and now Dalston. Check out the website for more info 

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