Clowning around

 Warning! Stop reading if you suffer from coulrophobia which is a fear of clowns.....
So yesterday OH was ill so I headed off to a very sunny Dalston on my own to witness the arrival of clowns (both professional and those who just fancied dressing up for the day) for the annual Clown Service in honour of the founding gagster Joseph Grimaldi. I discovered this event last year and was just blown away! Such fun and people looked amazing. Here are a few of the photos I took: 
Clowns always need a bit of law and order. I think the clown is called Eek 
Some chose to entertain the crowds
Clearly Joey the Clown forgot his iPhone (get it....) 
There was dancing in the street
This clown had come all the way over from Denmark and was trying his luck for a cheeky kiss!
Rhubarb the Clown showed off his juggling. A picture of him doing this was in Monday's edition of the Metro
Though posing for the camera can become a bore after a while
Some just cheated and put on a full mask which was amazing 
These girls were incredible and great to photograph
So expressive
And the wigs were stunning
Even passing cars were applauded
Which some found hysterical 
But he pulled himself together to entertain the crowds
Some took the opportunity to clown around
But it was also the opportunity for old friends to touch base. This has now become one of the highlights of my year! I still haven't had the guts to go into the church and sit through the service. But was photographing next the professionals who then had their photos in the Metro I think I did alright. What do you think? Can't wait for next year, though OH is worried I'm becoming obsessed with clowns ... I wonder if there is a name for that as well! 

More photos can be seen on my Flickr pages (though apologies, there are some duplicates

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