Crafty Update

 Yes it's time for a crafty update which covers January. First up we have a paper cut I made for my friend Catherine's recent birthday.
I bought a couple of templates from a paper cutter I'd ever heard of before called PaperPanda. Really enjoyed these templates and they were so easy as they were emailed almost instantly.
 This is another and will be someone's birthday card in the future.
 And here is something I'm currently working on. If you know the people in the photo please don't mention this post as it's going to be a present (probably Christmas .....). It's certainly keeping me busy at night!
But here is something I did finish which I made for my little neighbour who you remember from October's Crafty Update.
And finally I know quite a few people who have birthdays in the early part of the year so I had a bit of a card making frenzy in January to be ahead of myself. 
So that's the latest crafty update - what do you think? A bit varied I know. 

And on an exciting note OH has asked for me to crochet him a scarf! Watch this space.....

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