Mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms everywhere

This time last year I was counting down the days to major surgery and seemed to have spent the whole of Autumn in doors. Either that or this year has been spectacular. I can't work out which, either way I'm drinking in the colours of autumn and loving every minute of it! But another thing I've noticed is an abundance of fungi (I'm cheating as I can't workout which are mushrooms and which are toadstools so just seems easier to say 'fungi' which covers both).

Earlier in the month I spotted this amazing display which appeared one day in the communal garden.

Just look at them, amazing! 
Here's a close up. I was gutted when the gardner mowed them down a couple of days later. Clearly he had no sole. 
I remember when I was a kid hunting for fungi down in the woods near the house and loved it. Last week I went to visit my folks and retraced my significantly younger self's steps and found these:

It had just rained so they had an almost mythical feel about them. I wished I could have stayed longer and investigated the other side of the wood but the weather took a turn for the worse and it was starting to get dark so had to head home.
When I was delighted to see that these had sprung up whilst I was away back in the garden in Brixton. 
They were so tall it felt as if they were going to topple over any minute! 
And finally I spotted these spilling out of  a log whilst out for a walk with OH at the weekend. Just incredible. I'm so glad that I  have finally opened my eyes and started to see the world around me in all it's glory!


  1. Those mushroom photos are fab. I love the lone one in the rain.

  2. Thanks man! Can't believe I've found so many this year !