Back once again, the Renegade Masters

Renegade Craft Fair was back in town this month and it's fast becoming a highlight of the crafty calender. I dragged OH to the first fair back in 2011 and I missed it last year as I was in operation count down mode so I made sure I made room in my calendar to visit this year.

I'd made sure I was able to go on the Saturday, without OH who hates this sort of thing if we're perfectly honest. He is happy to come along occasionally but you can tell that he would rather be elsewhere which diminishes my enjoyment so it's easier to go without him. He later told his brother in law that craft was my crack is so true. So armed with a camera, and also plans to meet up with Mardle Made, who was also making the pilgrimage up for the fair, for a chin wag and cake and made way over to East London.

And wow was I blown away at how busy it was! When I first went in 2011 there were people, don't get me wrong, but this year it was positively heaving!
 The first maker I wanted to hunt out was Bex of Stuffed Nonsense and By the Yard. Stuffed Nonsense are regulars at the Crafty Fox Market and I love their work as you may recall from previous posts but Bex was here with her new range of Knitted&Knotted jewellery which I wanted to check out. I've been following Bex on Instagram for ages so it was great to see the new line in the flesh (as well as say hello). 
 There were so many Crafty Fox regulars. It was great to see their work, and to say hi to those who recognised me out of context (though I still had a camera). Above is Mister Peebles
And Pygmy Cloud were those I have decent pics of. But there was also Cecil Vessey, Birds in Hats, Andsmile, and HeartZeena to name just a few.
And just in case you think I've forgotten the wonderful Jill here she is. It was great to see her here too and I even covered her stall so she could have a bit of a wander and drink in some of the atmosphere. I even took 7 sales for her! Was strange being behind a stall but I really enjoyed it, even if it was only briefly!
I spent over two hours there wandering around and drinking in the amazing buzz of the event. Now I love the Crafty Fox market (next Market is on 7th and 8th December), but this event was on a massive scale.  I've been a keen crafter for at least 25 years, and even just a few years ago my friends took the mickey out of me with my handmade ways. Cross stitch, crochet and card making were seen as just plain geeky and a little bit dull. And now look! Look at all of these people celebrating everything handmade. Both makers and shoppers alike there because it's something  they believe in. Handmade is no longer a dirty word. It's out there and for those of us who make things by hand now can stand up tall and no longer be afraid to say that it's their passion. Long live hand made!

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