Crafty update

Quick crafty update as it was OH's Hawaiian as we call it, too others it's his 50th. Now I was a little stumped on what to put on his card until I stumbled across the wonderful Jane Foster's blog where I spotted a bike screen print. OH cycles a lot, to and from work on a daily basis so I used Jane's design as a starting point and pimped his ride so to speak.
I was very pleased with the results (and if you're wondering one of his friend's once called him 'Captain Fun' and it's kinda stuck)
I also finally finished this granny blanket which I gave to our friend's in Cardiff. I'd started it when I was convalesing last year but it really needed an ending, and a home!
I was particularly pleased with the edging and really like the colours
And they were super chuffed to receive it so happiness all round!

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