A magical few hours

I spent the most wonderful two hours at the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Was the best £5 I've spent in a long time.

I love butterfly exhibitions as there is something magical about them swarming around you, I even had one land on me which was exciting though ticklish and as I'd gone on my own couldn't share the moment with anyone.

I also managed to see a butterfly just after it had hatched which was fascinating. I never knew it takes about 15 minutes for the blood to go through their wings so they start off with pathetic stumpy little wings which get bigger and bigger as time goes by. The Hungry Caterpillar in action! 

Now I did take my trusty SLR camera but I never seem to have the right lens which meant the best photos were those taken on my mobile!! I would highly recommend visiting though its closing in September. If you can get there at 10am and you'll enjoy a quiet few minutes before parents with kids turn up. You'll also feel smug as you can bypass the huge queue to get into the main museum as the exhibition is in the gardens.
This is a shot of the butterfly which landed on me. It was at a difficult angle so apologies!

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