A Welsh Escape part two

So one of the reasons why I chose North Wales was I've always wanted to visit Portmeirion. A quirky collection of faux houses created by Clough Williams-Ellis and was made famous by the Prisoner (though I don't think I've ever seen the whole of it).

Now I'd been studying the BBC weather forecast so that we could visit on a day without rain. Now the forecast assured me that it would be cloudy with sunny intervals throughout the day, with the sun coming out at about 1pm. Oh how wrong! The only day where it did rain. Still meant I did take slightly fewer pictures than normal!

But we soldiered on and what a barmy, fantastic place it is!
We stopped off to have coffee and the obligatory holiday cream scone (well I had one, OH just had the coffee) and we were watching this little robin outside. OH then said that he was at the door of the cafe and I joked 'is he coming in for a coffee' and he did actually come in! It was great.... I think he was escaping from the rain as well....

The village goes down to the sea and back up the hill (certainly kept us fit!)
And there is also a woodland area which is very magical, even in the wet! We came across several tree stumps which had coins pushed into the wood. They were amazing! Does anyone know why?

So that was Portmeirion and was certainly worth the wait, even in the rain. Too insult to injury it stopped raining literally as we drove through the gates! Typical...

As a postscript I must tell you about one of my favourite stories which happened in Portmadog where we went after Portmeirion to stock up on supplies. We had to buy food for our evening meal so I popped into the green grocers to buy a leek and a courgette to stir fry to go with the pork I'd just bought from the butchers next door. The greengrocer looked at me and in a voice akin to Rob Brydon said 'a leek and a courgette..... why not'. Simple as that but makes me smile whenever I think about it. And was the best meal we had whilst we were there (accompanied by sauteed potatoes).

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