A Welsh Escape part one

Blimey, I can't believe it's been so long since I last wrote a post. Apologies! Life seems to have been more busy than usual. However OH and I had our annual get away. Now we're not the most adventures of types and I love holidaying in the UK. There is so much to see why go abroad. Oh but then we've had the worst summer for weather EVER this year haven't we. So when we were travelling down the motorway in torrential rain we decided that next year we may possibly go abroad...

Anyway that's next year. This year it was my turn to choose where to go and I suggested North Wales, Snowdonia to be more precise. But as with last year we went via Cardiff to stay with friend's of OH and their wonderful 2 boys who just really make me smile! And this year one had just had their sixth birthday so there were sweets and balloons and pressie etc etc etc. So our first day in Wales and there was even sunshine! So we went to St Fagins which is an amazing place. It's full of saved architecture from through out Wales and I also discovered where some of Dr Who is filmed (as I kept recognising buildings....

This is a fence made of slate. We have a similar thing in Cumbria but we use big slabs. These were thin and graceful.

And this was an old pig stye (yep still in the B&W phase I'm afraid - brace yourselves!). It was great to just wander through a huge site covered in trees and sloping hills. Unfortunately the boys have been before so quite quickly became bored but I was so glad that we went.

We then drove up through Wales to North Wales. We were staying in Blaneau Ffestiniog which felt like the longest village in the world nestled next to the mounds and mounds of slate which is still quarried in the area. We had a small cottage which was upside down with bedroom downstairs and everything else upstairs.

On our first day we were aiming to go to Harlech Castle but in our usual way got lost and stumbled across Criccerth Castle which was amazing.

And here is the view - and look - no rain! We were so lucky.....

And then back in the car to go to Harlech Castle (now that we'd found the right road) and what a great castle. A lot of it was still standing and you could go up and down the towers and along the walls. I think OH's inner kid was peeking out....

We then pootled down the coast to Barmouth which I must admit was a little disappointing. As you can see it was cloudy, and I'm not sure if you can see the railway bridge which crosses the Estuary.

But this really made me smile. There was a fun fair but it really did feel like the end of the season - who knew it was early July!

I now realised that even for me I've waffled on and on so should really break up the adventure into a couple of posts so more to follow!

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