Dulwich Gallery Pavillion

I'm slowly catching up with blog posts that should have gone up weeks ago. I've had a really bad back for the past couple of months which has really slowed me down. Things are starting to get better but slowly..... Anyway several weeks ago OH and I ambled over to Dulwich Gallery to see the new Pavillion that they had installed then go for a short stroll (my back was preventing me from walking too far).
So the structure was impressive and it looked multi functional 
 And the mirrors distorted the space. Here is a sneeky shot of OH - don't think I've done one of those for a while.... 
 And an even rarer shot of me! Yep that mirror doesn't do me any favours does it! 
 So we decided to go for a wander through Dulwich Park which has some graffitii
 I was hoping for something new but still love the images. Stik's work is inspired by paintings from the Dulwich Picture gallery. 
 The weather was glorious as we ambled through  the park. 

 And we ended the walk by going down the street which has a lot of street art. Again here is the wonderful Stiks and details on the left below of what the image is inspired by. 
So there we have it, a short walk in the sunshine soaking up some culture and stretching my legs. 

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