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I've been struggling with a virus for the past couple of weeks which has meant I've not really done much BUT I did manage to do 2 birthday cards for people. Hurrah!
First up a cute little card which I made from Michael Powell's new book called '20 Mini Cross Stitch Projects' which does what it says on the tin! I've been buying Michael Powell kits off and on for years as he seemed to be the only person doing contemporary designs (long before cross stitch was cool) and really like his style. You can see one example here. The book has 20 different projects many of which are great for cards and at under a fiver it's a bargain!! 
Next up is a belated 21st birthday card which I made for my honorary niece Erin (her 18th card can be found here). I was all inspired following my visit to the Handmade Fair and used some of the scrap packs I bought from Katie Essam

Not bad for what is in essence a first attempt and I really enjoyed the process. Hoping to make more, and get better as you can see some of the lines are a little wobbly - it's not as easy as it looks!! 

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