Crafty Update: Granny Square Blanket and handmade cards

I've been making things for years. When I say years I mean at least 30 if not more. Ten years ago I was seen as a bit of an oddity amongst my friends due to my crafty tendencies. Now I'm middle age, handmade is in and I'm no longer embarrassed to give my friends a handmade present. My friend Cat has been hinting for what seems like ever that she would like a blanket. And who was I to say no! I'd amassed a stock pile of odd balls of wool and a patchwork of crochet squares was called for. Christmas was the ideal time of year to start this project so I snuggled down with O.H., Breaking Bad and started to crochet. I love the gentle rhythm of the crochet hook, it's really therapeutic (though I have to be careful not to get RSI). Two months later here is the final result:

I was quite pleased with the results. What do you think? 
Though I should add it was a nightmare to photograph....
In other news it was also my brother in law's birthday this month, here is his card. 
And another for a friend at work  
There's nothing more satisfying than finishing a big project but don't worry, there is more creativity in the pipeline... 

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  1. Blanket's lovely, I must learn to crochet sometime. Two months is positively speedy compared to my quilt making activities!