A quick trip over the Thames

OK I am now behind with writing up posts. On Bank Holiday Monday, yes Bank Holiday Monday which was now a few weeks ago OH's dad was is town so we all went over to East London to go over the Thames on a cable car.

Now I must admit when OH mentioned this as a possible idea I'd never even heard of it! It's only recently opened (presumably for the Olympics) and it's great as you can use your Oyster card!
It was a long way down and you can see that the Thames is still working river
And the destination is the infamous O2 formerly know as the Millennium Dome
On the way down you see car rising back up over the river
All in all really not bad for £2!

And when we reached the other side we headed over to Greenwich where we saw the newly reopened Cutty Sark
A great preservation! And a great short day out. Shame the weather was so overcast but you can't have everything!

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