The Gingerbread City London

So Christmas feels like a long time ago now but I need to share with you something I saw in mid December. I had a rare day off mid week and on the list of things to do and see was to investigate something called The Gingerbread City which I'd recently read about. It was housed at the Museum of Architecture which is something I admit I'd never even about. Numerous architect firms create structures from Gingerbread which is then used to create a city which the public could then visit. The ethos behind it was to encourage the public to engage with architecture and the money raised (there was a small entrance fee) went back to the Museum for the following year.

It's hard to describe the city which was huge, wonderful and bonkers. And the smell was insane - it was as if sugar was floating in the air. It's an annual event and I encourage you to make a note in your diary to check it out next year. Here is what I saw.

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