Balenciaga at the V&A

Now I'm not a fashionista. In fact I think I probably have a terrible fashion sense but ever since I've started to make my own clothes I have started to appreciate the construction of clothes.
I've never heard of Balenciaga, in fact I have even have problems pronouncing his name but as soon as I read about this exhibition at the V&A I knew I had to see it.

When you enter the exhibition you are greeted by a sign 'photography and sketching are actively encouraged'. What a refreshing change - if only all exhibitions were as open it would certainly help the blogger who wants to record and share what they've seen!
   The exhibition was in two halves, the first showing examples of the originals in all their glory. 
 Some, but not all, of the dresses were on turntables which slowly spun around so you could take in the detail of the whole of the dress. And behind an x-ray so you could see what was going on underneath. There were also sketches and in some cases videos of how the patterns and dresses were constructed. 

 I'm not sure why but it was this blue print dress which tugged at my heart strings. I never knew I could have an emotional reaction to a dress until I saw the Alexandra McQueen exhibition a couple of years ago. I thought that emotion was a one off but I felt it again with this dress. Not sure why but it was my kind of dress. 

 The work on some of these dresses was exquisite - but omg look at that waist! 

 I loved the shape of this. If I ever wanted to try and replicate one of these creations it would be this one. 

Upstairs was more contemporary fashion featuring people who have been inspired by Balenciaga. 
These Issey Miyake dress were made from just one piece of fabric. 

 The flower detail on this dress was mind blowing. 
I'm not sure about the shape of above and below but I can see the influence. 
Now the best fashion exhibition, indeed one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen was the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A a couple of years ago. Whilst I doubt nothing will ever come close to that exhibition this was inspirational and moving showing the old and the new side by side. Now all I need to do is get to grips with pattern drafting! If only I had the time..... 

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