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Well we haven't done one of these for a while. But that doesn't necessarily mean I've not been busy!
 Father's Day card - dad was always asking me to tell him when the Painted Lady Butterfly was about when we were in France so I thought I'd create one for his birthday. It was a bit of an experiement using fabric, paint and machine embroidery. The orange leaves were from a bit of leather used in the packaging of a bottle of whiskey. 
 Straight after Father's Day is my mum's birthday. I felt creatively exhausted after making dad's card and was worried I wouldn't get to make anything in time (I often leave these things to the last minute) but I got a second wind and as she loves the swallow tail figured I'd make one. I was expecting to use more of the actual fabric as part of the design but the fabric I used wasn't really the right colour, more white than cream so out came the fabric paints. This is a mixture of fabric paint and machine embroidery and while I had my doubts half way through the process it came out good in the end. 
This was a new venture for me, an embroidery mainly using satin stitch. This is a blue tit which I made for my mum's Mother's Day.
And finally a friend recently turned well as you can see 40 so I made a quick papercut which I haven't done for a while. Yep one of the 40s is a bit wonky but at least it makes it unique! Anyway that's all for the time being. 

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