A trip to the Design Museum

For the second time in two months I've been hit with a nasty virus which means that I've been out of action for a couple of weeks. In fact I've only left the flat twice in 12 days which is a little scary but I'm on the mend and will be back at work tomorrow. The weekend before illness struck OH and I ventured over to West London to check out the recently relocated Design Museum which had outgrown it's former home near Tower Bridge.
Now the building was AMAZING. It used to be the Commonwealth Institute which I had been to before a long time ago when I was about 12 with my mum and I remember the journey of trying to find it rather than the actual building itself (it took us for ever to find it) which is odd because it is a stunning building. 
 There was so much room in the middle of building
 it was a joy just to wander around and enjoy  the space and angles. 
 But the whole point of the building was to show off the Museum's permanent collection. The first part is a huge wall with numerous design classics. 
It wasn't the easiest thing to capture but you get the idea. 

 And then you wander through to different themes in design history. 
 With some clever ways of showing different ideas and brands
However I must admit that I was a little disappointed by the collection. Not it's content but because it felt all very compact and squashed. 
 Which is a shame given the museum had relocated to give the collection more room. 
 But still the building was mind blowing 
 I would love to go back to enjoy the building, but sadly I'm not that excited by the content. Ah well you win some you loose some.   

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