A Walk on the Wildside in the Lake District

Last week I spent a few days visiting the folks back in the Motherland (aka The Lake District) and spent a glorious morning visiting the South Lakes Safari Zoo. This was built after I left home for the bright lights of London and I only visited for the first time a couple of years ago though it's been around over 20 years. However its a magical place, especially in November when the autumn colour gives it a brilliant vibrancy - and there aren't that many people around!
 I love, love, love flamingos and look, reflections! What's not to love!
 Just look at the color of that sky. Pure bliss. Whilst I really enjoyed watching these spider monkeys who were very noisy, we didn't see any lemars despite searching. Ah well... 
 There are a lot of birds that are free to roam about the park. Though everyone was a little nervous of the emus as they don't have hurt if they peck.... 

  The last time we visited we left the aviary to the last minute but this time we spent quite a long time in there just admiring the riot of colour
  I think this was a rose spoonbill - I try and get reflections in whenever I can! 

 Although the parrots / macaws were the stars of the show I also liked these night herons 
 But how could you not like the colours of these guys 

 This crane liked the attention far, far too much and was posing for the camera - not that I'm complaining mind! 
 I don't think I've ever seen kangaroos lying down before and here they are in a big heap. It was pretty nippy so I guess they were trying to keep warm. 
 This area was called the African Safari and it was pretty surreal looking out onto giraffes, zebras, wilderbeasts  and  rhinos when you know you're in the Lakes.... 

 Oh did I mention the baby rhino - awwwwww 
 The male lion was roaring when we first arrived - blimey it was loud and a little bit scary. They have installed a lot more glass so you can take some pretty good pictures
 So there we have it, a walk on the wildside in the Lake District. I would highly recommend a visit if you're ever up in the Lakes as it's a pretty good zoo as far as zoos go and as I say if you go in the winter it's not as crowded, oh and a lot cheaper! Yay! 

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