An Easter Parade in France

Every year I try to visit my parents in France. They don't live there but have a place in the Lot Valley in a small village called Blars. I've been going for over 25 years so it's a lot like going home. I'd checked the weather report before I left and it said it was mixed so when I arrived and the sun was shining I dragged my my mum out for a walk around the village. This is what I saw:
Blars is very much an agricultural village full of old barns (my mum and dad's place is a converted barn). Many still have their old doors.
 Spring is in the air with tulips coming through
 Love the shadow of this tree on the church door. 
 Yes another old door.....
 Heading out of the village
 Grape hyacinths are quite prevalent in the area at this time of year. 
 Catkins against the bright blue sky were amazing 

 There is an old man made pond which often has frogs and tadpoles this time of year but this time we were confronted with lots and lots of fish. As you can see one is distinctly a goldfish and the darker fish seem to have hints of gold so I fear there has been a bit of cross breeding going on. The numerous fish meant the tadpoles numbers were very low. 
 There are numerous crosses throughout the village. Quite appropriate for an Easter walk
 A couple of shots of the surrounding countryside

 This isn't a cross but a gate. There is so much lichen in the area as the air is so clear but the area is also quite damp. 

 An example of the local architecture
 I was lucky to catch  this amazing cherry blossom which had finished by the time I left. 

 A fantastic example of a letter box
 This is the village square
Opposite my mum and dad's is a very smallholding which this year included two turkeys that spend most of their day going 'gobble gobble gobble'. Fantastic! 
 And as always lots of chickens here enjoying recently cultivated ground. 

 And finally a view of the church from the garden 
 At sunset 
 And the following day in the rain. Luckily I know that this time of year the weather can be mixed so was mentally prepared for the rain. 

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