Orchids at Kew Garden

This time last year my photo buddy and I went to snap spring colour at Kew Gardens and came across a stunning temporary display of orchids in Princess of Wales Conservatory. I'd been itching to go back this year but sadly the weather wasn't on our side. Instead OH and I went on a cold and grey February day. Still it was a nice day out, fresh air, exercise, colour, photography and warmth in the various houses along the way. Oh and we spotted a celebrity couple on a family day out which made my day (and no I won't say who excepting it wasn't Brad and Angelina....)
 First up capturing spring colour on the way to the conservatory
 Just look at this yellow
 The conservatory houses many temperate zones so first up we had to walk through the desert
 Which had a splash of colour
 Before being hit with the vibrancy of the orchids
 I loved these insect eating orchids

 There were many ferns about to

 An arch of orchids
 This year's theme of the exhibition was carnival
 Orchids don't necessarily need soil to thrive - these hanging flowers were jaw dropping

 I loved the details of these next four

 I was quite glad I'd taken the macro!
 I found this display a little cheesy but what can you do!

 Back outside I was blown away by the colours of these
 And there were carpets of daffodils everywhere
 But it was starting to get cold again so we popped in to the warmth of the hothouse which is a temple to green

 Down  in the basement of the Palm House is an aquarium where I was memorized by this Hairy Fish (that's it's name, not my description).
Soon it was time to head home. Despite the cold it was a great day.

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