My type of day - letterpress taster day with Inky and the Beast

So whilst I haven't officially made a New Years Resolution I've been taking the plunge this year and trying a few new skills. One of the first things I tried out was a taster day with the wonderful Jen from Inky and the Beast (formerly Inky and the Collective).
She has an amazing studio very close to Clapham Junction (so very handy for me as it's only a bus ride away). 
The studio is big enough for two people to take the workshop but I was on my own for this one which was fine by me. I know Jen through the Crafty Fox Market so it was a very relaxed workshop and while I learnt a lot it was great to also have  a chat and a catch up.
Luckily I had at least one idea of what I wanted to produce. It was OH and I's anniversary that day so I really needed an card before I went back home! Here is the type being put together in the frame with lots of furniture (see I paid attention and picked up some of the jargon!) 

And here it is. OK I've been cheeky and made a card for next year - seemed silly not to given we had set the type up! Oh the joy of letterpress!
I also made a few simple birthday cards as my mind had gone a little blank following the excitement of making OH's card. 
But I was chuffed with the results and it was really interesting to see how the whole thing works which was  the main reason for me taking the course. 
Here is the pro doing it! 

This was such a great taster workshop and a such a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday morning. If you're interested to find out more check out the website and book a slot (but make sure you have some ideas in mind before you arrive)

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