Reflections of a day off in London

I had a rare day off during the week flying solo. I had planned to go to an exhibition in Brick Lane of costumes from Angels but luckily checked the website before I left the house to find that the exhibition had gone into liquidation. So plan B was go to the V&A to see the Fabrics of India and Shoes exhibitions before go over to the South Bank. The weather has been a bit hit and miss so I was delighted to see lots of puddles after an early morning shower. Puddles and sunshine means reflections! Here was my day from a different point of view looking up and down.
 First puddle of the day was the V&A
I had crossed the road as I'd spotted the amazing light of these leaves - the fading colour of autumn. And look at that sky! Glorious

 I'd sadly gone back over the road to the Natural History Museum to see if a puddle I'd spotted with OH a couple of weeks ago was still there. And yes! It still was allowing me to take these amazing images of both the carousel and the Natural History Museum itself.

 I'd popped into the V&A to check out a couple of their exhibitions. Sadly no photography allowed but did managed to snap this great neon sign ....
 before going outside and spotting a giant reflection of the building in the pool in the courtyard of the V&A.

After wandering around the V&A for a couple of hours I headed off the to South Bank to enjoy the sunshine.

 I stumbled across this incredible graffitti by Stix, including a reflection in the mirror ball.
Before seeing this incredible reflection - one of my favourites to date.
I'll with reflections in a glasshouse on the South Bank promoting the growing of herbs - Spark This City were giving out free thyme, lavender and rosemary seeds - and yes I picked up all three. As you can see the wonderful blue skies had disappeared to be replaced by the ever familiar grey - shame but you can't have everything

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