A wet and windy week in Cumbria

In early November I took my annual pilgrimage back home to see the family for an early Christmas get together. Now in the past couple of years the weather has been glorious so it was only fair that I experienced some bad weather for once. And when I mean rubbish I mean rubbish!
 This is the view was the view for most of the week.  See what I mean! . 
 There was a brief, and I really mean brief break in the rain for about 20 minutes when I rushed out into the garden and the next photos are in and around the garden.
 Yes ok this was taken over the wall! But I can't go home and not take at least one photo of a sheep! These hogs graze on my mum and dad's fields and they get repaid by the farmer in erm, sheep to eat....
 Back in the garden and despite the weather there was still a lot of colour around despite the grey weather

 A quick parent action shot in the background bringing extra colour to the garden

 But soon the weather started to turn yet again so after 20 mins we were back indoors as the heavens opened again. And that was it for the rest of the week! 
I wasn't too phazed by the weather if I'm honest as it meant cosy days inside making things. What more could you ask for! But to prove that it can be sunny in the Lakes see herehere and here

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