Let's go fly a kite

Every year O.H. attends a 'family day' where his dad and uncle with their children (i.e.. his sisters and cousins) meet up for a picnic, activity and then dinner. This year we met up in Russell Park in Bedford where there was a kite festival to keep us entertained after a rather filling picnic.
 So we did have a few kites but they took a little tempting to get off the ground 
So we left it to the professionals who had a lot more space to show off
 These saucy can can dancers apparently started off as footballers but were adapted to be a little bit more risqué
 Was great watching this aeroplane rise up to reveal that it was carrying Snoopy! Talk about a blast from the past 
 There were what you could have bought if you were lured in by the professionals showing off their skills
 Not quite sure what the flags were for though.... 
 Every festival should have a merry go round 
I love them... 

 So here is a footballer complete with football 
 And possibly the most bonkers of all the kites, a giant squid.... told you it was bonkers
I think this was a parrot
And finally couldn't resist these balloons - had to stop myself from buying one! 

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