I should coco

OK like so many people I watched the Great British Sewing Bee back in 2013 and was so inspired. I even blogged about buying a pattern back in July 2013 but didn't show the final result until January 2014. My first effort was fine, was wearable but I so lacked confidence. BUT I continued to read the sensational Tilly and the Button's blog  who brought out a paper pattern called Coco. Now if you don't know who Tilly is but interested in starting dressmaking then check out her blog NOW!! She was in the Great British Sewing Bee (first series) and is self taught. And her pattern is fantastic. So user friendly and very versatile. So enough here are the first of my Coco pieces. Trust me, it addictive.... 

So this is a dress, the first I made using the pattern. Sorry about the electric socket - I'm still trying to find somewhere in the flat that I can take a picture against a plain wall with no features.  
 I had a little bit of fabric left over from another project (see below) and couldn't resist using it for the pocket detail.

 And here is a top using wonderful fabric I picked up in Brixton Market. 3 metres for £7 which has given me two tops! Bargain. 
 Whenever I wear this people always comment on it  though I fear it's the material rather than my dress making skills! Annoyingly I've never seen the fabric again but at least that means not many other people will have it either! 
 And finally another starry dress. 
 I wore this when I went out to celebrate my recent birthday
It was so liberating to literally wear this the day before going out to wear it. 

I love, love, love being able to make my own clothes. I'm not a massive fashionista but almost every piece I've made has had someone comment on how nice it is. I'm slowly getting used to say 'thanks, I made it myself'. Am still a novice but hopefully will improve with time. Though finding the time is proving difficult. 

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