Light Show

At the weekend OH finally got to see the amazing Light Show exhibition at the Hayward Gallery and wow was it worth the wait. It was one of the best exhibitions we've seen ages and there was only one piece we didn't like (& annoyingly that was the one we queued up for about 20 mins to see). The added bonus was I got to see the lovely Ken who I used to work with back in the day when I worked at the Craft Council. Photos were not allowed but I snuck a few in via the IPhone which are below. Can't recommend this exhibition enough though book in advance as its super popular!!

This room was a little bit eerie with smoke swarming around the light
This room was our favourite with moving shadows on the walls which did make you feel very queasy but in a good way! A piece of art that gives you a truly physical reaction - awesome!

Not the best room but was very photographic!
This installation had A LOT of strobe lighting but was fun if not a bit mental....

Here is OH and I standing on the installation which was in what looked like a photo booth. You had the same effect looking up as well. Felt as if I was in space....

Love the red on red - below is another part of the room
The more you walked round the different area of light in this room the stronger the reaction you got though there were lots of children running around which was a tad annoying.....

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