A trip back in time

Blimey, I can't believe it's a month since I last wrote. March has not only been incredibly busy at work (meaning that I have little energy for much else) but for most of it I've been ill. A few days after I went to the Wetlands Centre I came down with a horrible virus which then led to a chest infection which I'm still struggling to shift hence the radio silence.

And on top of all that the weather for the whole of March has been hideous, oh except one glorious day when the sun shone, people were laying parks soaking up the rays, even taking the jackets off apparently. I say apparently as it was all hear say as I was stuck in bed feeling rotten. Last weekend it rained. A lot. But OH and I haven't been out for ages so I suggested going to the London Transport Museum. I've never been in the museum before but I've often visited the shop as I love the posters from the tube. And as part of the 150 years of the tube celebration they put on an exhibition of 150 years worth of posters. And it was amazing. Here are a few pictures I took but I doubt they'll do it justice.

Shame the dogs are no longer there but clever graphics
Not all the posters were huge
This made me smile as I used to work near Angel tube station
Lost problem has always been a problem it seems!
I love the graphic simplicity of these posters.
I've always loved this poster but think I've only ever seen it as a postcard. Was great to see it in the flesh so to speak.
This was a poster from 1926 depicting how the artist though London would look in 2026 - it was very blade runner!
Downstairs there actual buses, tubes and trolley cars. I got a little giddy with excitement for some bizarre reason.
Ding ding all aboard. Inside an old fashioned route master which made me feel quite nostalgic.
The tube in the 70s complete with mannequine
This is part of one of the original steam powered tubes. It felt a little like the Hogwarts Express
The tubes played an important role in the war as a place of shelter during air raids but I didn't realise you could get a reserved ticket.....
Although it was pricey to get in £15 (which became an annual ticket you could use as many times as you want) and FULL of small children running riot OH and I really enjoyed our time there. Who knows we may even go back before the year is out to get out moneys worth! 

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