St Paul's

I'd heard on the grapevine from a friend that there was a new shopping centre that had opened near St Paul's which has a roof terrace with amazing views of the Cathedral and it was free to get in. Music to my ears! And so off OH and I went via of course the millennium bridge. My original plan was to walk down from Borough Market, however due to problems getting the right bus we ended up coming up via Waterloo.
And so I came to this great view of the old Blackfriar's Bridge which as you can see is just the columns. I love that they are just left in the river, a ghost from the past.
I haven't been this was for sometime as there has been significant work on Blackfriars bridge which is a railway above. And look how wonderful this work is on the underneath of the bridge. Now I know you might not get excited about a bridge but this work will hopefully be there for over 100 years... Just think! A 100 year...

And this is the new entrance to Blackfriars on the Southbank. The station always used to be on the North Side of the river but you can now access the station from both sides of the river (I think) as the platform now stretches across the bridge. But I digress... we were aiming for Millennium Bridge
I love this bridge. First new footbridge in London for many years (I've been watching Dan Criuckshanks on BBC4) and how could you not fall in love with this view.
With some great seagulls posing for me on the bridge
And our destinations was quite a big shopping centre right next to St Paul's. I must admit I did find it a little odd  that these 2 things were sat side by side but that's the City I suppose, the old and the new sat side by side. 
But the view (which is free!) was great. Here is the Shard (my favourite new building in London at the moment)
And a new view (for me) of St Paul's. No looking up at that amazing dome but across to it instead.

Once we had finished enjoying the view we wandered over to the Barbican Centre. I find photographing the Barbican so difficult but finally managed to take a photo I was happy with. The Barbican is full of walkways that create interesting vistas. 
And this is  a new installation at the Museum of London which is on London's Old Wall. This was lots and lots of Lomo pictures and it looked amazing.
And finally an added bonus of the walk. We were going to jump on the tube at the Barbican but the tube was closed so made our way down to Liverpool Street and stumbled upon a Banksy which has been doctored by Robbo (all part of their bust up before Robbo's accident). A perfect end to a perfect walk. How I love walking through the City

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